I Hired A FIVERR Artist For My Book Cover, Here’s What Happened


A few months back, while working on a cover for an upcoming novel, I decided to share my progress with one of my writing coaches. My writing coach is a full-time professional author. Even though it was late at night, she told me to call her.

Enter Dark Swim

The first cover was for my short story, “Dark Swim.” Originally, my cover was a generic image of a river at sunset. Maybe a bit creepy, and it is clearly a nature picture, but it doesn’t tell potential readers anything else about the story.

My short story, “Dark Swim,” which can be found on Amazon!

A New Whisper

The next story that I wanted a cover made for was “Whisper: A first glimpse at the world of Eden’s Revenge.” This story takes place in the mainline universe of my fiction stories and is the first story to introduce readers to that world. This particular story takes place on Mars, and is a homage to The Hunger Games, but with a subversive twist.

A screenshot of the original story cover for Whisper.
The custom cover for “Whisper: A first glimpse at the world of Eden’s Revenge,” available on Amazon.

The Final Verdict

While I love creating story covers myself, it was a good idea to have someone else help me to present my content to the world. Hiring an artist on FIVERR was the best decision given my time and budget constraints. If you are looking for an artist, or for any kind of gig, I highly recommend this platform. The process is very easy and can be very inexpensive.



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G.S. Muse

G.S. Muse


G.S. Muse, also known as GreenSlugg on YouTube or simply as “Greg” is a lab technician, youtuber, author, and blogger. His work can be found at GreenSlugg.com