Sex VS Gender, Science, and The Culture Wars

A Disney movie plays on the TV in the third floor apartment. A little boy sits next to a little girl and announces “I know Snow White.”

“No you don’t.”

“Yes I DO!”

The little boy runs into his bedroom, looks around.

“Now what am I going to do?” He thinks.

He notices a pair of black sweatpants and a red sweater.

He puts the black sweatpants on his head as the “hair,” and the neck of the sweater around his waist as the skirt.

He’d seen this trick on cartoons, for Bugs Bunny, it worked every time!

Walks out into the living room “I’m Gregory’s friend Snow White.” He says in a slightly feminized imitation of the cartoon Disney princess.

The little girl starts laughing. The little boy is surprised that his trick did not work. Why did it work for Bugs Bunny, but not for him?

Bugs Bunny in an old cartoon

As you might have imagined, that little boy from the story was me. I honestly do not remember which character I was dressed up as, but it was probably either Snow White or Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

This was not my first cross-dressing event. Earlier in my life I had dressed up as “Heather” which was just me with a brown wash cloth on my head. It’s something I had forgotten about until a few years ago, when my cousins playfully brought it back up. (And yes, even I could appreciate the humor!)

I also remember at one point one of my cousins (on the other side of the family) stealing my wash cloth when I was 2 or 3 years old, and his older brother saying not to steal “his hair” — then me getting mad, and wanting him to say “her hair.”

Returning to the Snow White event: I was 3 or 4 years old, living in an apartment in Italy, and this was the first time I had the brilliant idea of using sweatpants and sweatshirts as hair and skirts to put together my disguise.

I also remember dressing up as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and probably a few others. I remember saying that I was/wanted to be a girl, etc.

Later in life, I would think that I must be an alien, an alien hybrid, and at one point I thought I was a wizard (like Harry Potter) and just needed to learn how to use my magic powers … (This was a common phase for the Harry Potter generation.)

At one point around 6, I and a group of other boys in Kindergarten were in after-school daycare, and we were told something about time out or a nap, and one boy said “You can’t do that!” All of us boys jumped up into a fighting stance. The lead boy then added “We’re the Power Rangers!”

I remember wondering if we were, in fact, the Power Rangers.

“I’m Batman!”

So, this opens a few questions. Was I transgender? Did I actually want to be a girl?


For me, this was my way of having imaginary friends, and getting around the problem of other people not being able to see my imaginary friends.

As for saying I wanted to be a girl, I just saw that the girls in these movies got to go on amazing adventures in far away places. I wanted to go on adventures in far away places, therefore I said that I wanted to be a girl.

I also had a serious crush on Ariel from The Little Mermaid (something I have up until now only confessed to a very few people.)

In other words, I was a little boy, and I liked girls!

Fast forward to the later half of the 2010’s. If a little boy says he wants to be a girl, at 3 years old, the little boy is labelled as being Transgender, raised as a girl, and before puberty, he is put on puberty blockers, and later, his testicles are removed, and his penis is mutilated and folded inside of his body. All before his 18th birthday.

Kids like to dress up and play pretend

But what do we know from the medical literature? The answer is that the majority of teenagers who are biologically male, but say that they want to be female grow out of it by the time they finish puberty. The same can be said of those teenage boys who report sexual attraction to other boys. (Meaning the so-called “ex-gay” phenomenon is the norm, rather than the exception.)

I’ve talked more about this research in a previous article, where I cite the mainstream medical literature, so I will refer readers to that article for the citation on these particular details.

Sex VS Gender?

In the 2010’s there has been an interesting phenomenon of people insisting that sex and gender are separate, and in a sense I actually agree.

When I took Sociology 101 in college, my professor explained that Sociologists look at sex and gender separately. It was explained essentially that sex is the reality of an individual’s biology, while gender is the social and personal expression of a person’s sex.

Fair enough.

(Not to mention the fact that in other languages, such as Spanish, inanimate objects are often given a masculine or a feminine “gender” e.g. la montaña the word for mountain being feminine, whereas surely in other languages it is masculine, despite a lack of physical sex organs.)

Mountains lack physical sex organs

Fast forward to the writing of this article — the Left constantly tells us that sex and gender are separate.

Let’s go with that for now.

Okay. An individual has a biological sex, and they socially express their biological sex as their gender.

Sounds like a fair distinction.

But if one accepts this distinction, then the Left’s entire narrative about transgenderism completely falls apart.

If gender is “purely a social construct,” which has nothing to do with a person’s biological sex— as the Left routinely insists, then why is it that “transgender” individuals feel compelled to take life-threatening hormone treatments, and undergo expensive, radical surgeries just to imitate the opposite biological sex? If their “gender” has nothing to do with their biological sex, then why do so many seek to biologically mimic the opposite sex at risk of their own life and well being?

Consider the case of Lila Perry, a biological male, who identifies as a girl.

Lila Perry was born as Noah Perry, but began to identify as female as a teenager.

When I first heard the story, I felt really bad for this young man. He insists that he is a girl, and says that he wants to be in the female locker rooms and bathrooms, and is uncomfortable changing around other boys. Yet, when told that biological girls are uncomfortable changing around him, he dismisses their legitimate concerns, and their feelings as being obviously motivated by hate.

Can he not see the contradiction here?

Forcing teenage girls to share a locker room with a biological boy is not okay.

Were I counseling this young person, I would talk to him about how life is give-and-take. Not everything in the world is going to cater to you, and generally you have to respect other people’s personal boundaries.

Does that mean that I hate this teenager? No. Instead I think the most caring thing one could do for him would be to help him accept himself for who he is, and help him grow into the man he was created to be. In fact Noah Perry is clearly a very resourceful, and even handsome young man. But for whatever reason, he is wanting to check out of the world of men, and escape into the world of females.

Again, does that mean I hate him? No. What it means is that real love and care for your fellow human being does not mean catering to their delusions and whims. One who truly cares for a drug addict, for example, will be loving enough to tell them that heroin will destroy their lives. The same goes for those who are under the delusion that they were born as the wrong biological sex, and who seek drugs and radical surgery to try and mimic that delusional fantasy. If we genuinely love these people, we will recognize that they are in a very sad situation, and that their minds are failing to grasp reality.

I recently also heard a story of a gym teacher who was given a gag order, not to tell middle school boys that a biological girl would be walking in, while they were in a state of undress, to share the locker room with them, because she identified as a boy. The gym teacher was ordered to watch her change with the boys, and was punished for refusing to be a part of this.

Teenage boys have just as much of a right for their dignity to be respected as teenage girls. No one has the “right” to see them undressed, or naked, or to violate their privacy. They decided they were okay with changing around each other, but here the Leftist school officials chose to violate their privacy without their consent.

Teenage boys have just as much of a right for their dignity to be respected as teenage girls. For the school officials to intentionally violate their privacy in a state of undress is not okay.

Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, and Biology

The sociology and psychology of locker rooms is a topic of interest for me. Attitudes towards same-sex nudity have changed radically in the past 50 years, and it’s something that saddens me on a personal level, because it represents a loss of innocence.

Even in the 1970’s same-gender nudity was not considered a taboo. Men would routinely swim in the nude together, by choice, even if they had the money to afford swimsuits. (Boys routinely did the same with other boys.) Even at the YMCA, males routinely went without clothing in the pools in the presence of other males — and no one thought anything of it.

I can understand any reader’s skepticism, but they do not have to take my word for it. This is a well documented historical practice, and was even described in this era in The New York Times.

While the Times article talked about the push to have men wear swim suits, so that women could swim in the same pools, the fact that men swam nude with other men was not regarded as unusual.

(Take the Internet with a grain of salt … but these stories are a dime-a-dozen with any Google search. )

This was not considered a big deal. According to what I’ve read from men who were around at this time, homosexuality was thought of as something so rare you’d only ever hear about it in a psychology textbook. (If any older men are reading this, please feel free to comment!)

Even Billy Graham went skinny dipping with President Lyndon Johnson.

The fear of homosexuality was virtually nonexistent.

It’s almost as if we ate the forbidden fruit of Eden a second time, and became once-again reawakened to our own nakedness, with a new order of perversion.

What has happened where homosexuality and pedophilia were once perversions that were hardly even thought of, but now we have come so far, so that teenagers and even children are now questioning the reality of their own gender?

Should we be aware, and protect ourselves and our children? Yes! Absolutely! But we also have to look at how the need for these concerns has changed in historical context. Things were not always like this! Our new reality is not normal, given the history of the World!

This did not happen even 60 years ago, and it ought to tell all of us that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

This was one of several topics I addressed in a popular video I made a few years ago, entitled “What Have We Lost? How the sexual revolution has destroyed male bonding.”

When we look at the world around us, there is a push to redefine humanity as belonging to several dozen, or even hundreds of “genders” that were unheard of even five years ago. Why the sudden change? Why were these genders never noticed in all the millennia of human history? Or were these genders made up out of thin air yesterday?

If sex and gender really are separate things, then the Left’s case about locker rooms and bathrooms completely falls apart.

If I am joining a sports team, and the sport involves physical contact, I am going to be playing with other men. After all, the average man has a lot more upper body strength than the average woman. This is the case if we are talking about biological sex, and is a basic fact of human biology. Also, it would be greatly inappropriate for a man to be playing a contact-sport with women because of the blurring of lines with regards to violent-physical or sexual impropriety, and the blurred potential for accusations. #MeToo

The same is found in the form and behavior of countless species of plants and animals. Males and females of birds, higher mammals, and even insects etc. often tend to behave very differently, regardless of any sort of “artificial social construct,” and this is because they are different. Their bodies, hormones, and even brains are different from one another.

This does not mean that one is “better” than the other, it just means that God created us with distinction between male and female to fulfill unique roles within Creation. It amazes me that those who want to talk so much about “diversity” want to deny that diversity even exists between the biological sexes, the place where God’s created diversity is most obvious and evident, not to mention beautiful.

I recently heard an old quote from a century past from a female being asked about men being superior to women and vice-versa. She said that comparing men and women is like comparing fire and water. Both have a role to play in the world, and a certain man or a certain woman may fulfill their respective role better than someone of the opposite gender in their respective role. But to ask if women or men are better is ultimately a meaningless question.

This brings us to the case of bathrooms and locker rooms. If someone is going into a bathroom or a locker room, they expect to be around other people with more-or-less the same body as themselves — i.e. people with the same biological sex.

We separate locker rooms and bathrooms based on the bodies using those facilities. Bodies with female anatomy are placed in one locker room, and those with male anatomy are placed in the other locker room.

This is because, for the vast vast majority of people, nudity with the opposite biological sex (or taking care of restroom needs!) is too uncomfortable to be tolerable, and would create a great deal of anxiety.

In regard to same-gender undress and bathroom use, most people find it more-or-less tolerable. Men comfortably use the urinal with another man two urinals down, and a proper divider. But if someone’s 72-year-old great-grandmother were to walk in, it would not be tolerable.

Whether or not the male 2 urinals away feels in his inner most person to be “felisgender” (a small, mysterious cat-like gender) is irrelevant to the fact that he is a biological male, who has a penis, and is using it to pee at the urinal two steps over, just like himself.

(Of course, this practice of communal bathrooms and changing rooms, is an economic compromise. Most men would ideally like to be alone, naked in the woods, at the top of a mountain, urinating on a tree. But the cost of giving every man a forest, with a mountain, and a tree to his liking, every time he has to whiz, is beyond what most men are willing to pay for in terms of time and resources. So, most men settle for a convenient in-and-out, someone might happen to get an accidental-side-glance at my member, sort of scenario.)

“But not all men want a mountain with a tree…” Did I say most? I meant all. All men want to pee on the tree on the mountain.

Communal restrooms are ultimately an economic compromise between privacy and convenience. Private restrooms are regarded as not worth the cost of convenience for the gain of privacy, for most people, when large groups are involved. Far less, the ideal tree on the ideal mountain for every trip.

Women, typically (as amazing as it is to men) seem to often have little to no problem with changing with other females. “We’re all girls in here.” But if a man comes in, they become fearful, and view the man, his strength, and his penis as a threat — and validly so. This is not “hate” — this is a legitimate concern for her own well-being, not to mention the morality of the situation.

Amazingly, those who often accuse America of being a “rape culture” are the ones who also want to force people to change with the opposite biological sex, against their consent.

We are also seeing a push for genders other than male or female. Felisgender (a small cat-like gender) being one example. Are we to believe that these “genders” always existed? Are we to believe that the only reason we never heard of them in ancient Egypt, or ancient China is because White-Christian-Republicans were running around “oppressing” people with microaggressions? Or is it the case that people have too much time on their hands, are looking for attention, or are just spending way too much time in the weird corners of the Internet?

There is a lot of talk about bathrooms and locker room becoming gender-neutral to cater to individuals who identify as tansgender, so that they can feel more comfortable.

…But all of this contradicts the start of the claims in the push to begin with. You are not comfortable changing clothes around people of your own biological sex, because you identify as the gender that is somehow-arbitrarily associated with those of the opposite sex. So now you want things to be gender neutral…..?????


But then you would still be with those of your own biological sex? Whom you are uncomfortable with — which started this whole thing in the first place.

And when a biological female says she does not want to undress in front of a biological male, the painful irony is that her normal and understandable comfort zone is disregarded. The same goes for teenage males who do not want to have their privacy violated without their consent.

At the end of the day, this push is being done for social reasons. People want to reject Creation and the Creator so they can redefine reality to fit their own whims (see Romans 1).

They see the sexual revolution as the New Civil Rights. History is being rewritten to fit a social agenda, while actual history is being ignored. Keep in mind that it was theologically conservative Evangelical Christians who originally pushed to end the Slave Trade, which ultimately lead to the founding of the Republican Party. The basis for Civil Rights was that “All men are created equal.” A concept which had it’s roots in the Bible.

It was Conservative Christians and Republicans who fought against slavery, and fought for Civil Rights. Their opponents were Democrats, and those in theological Liberal circles.

Sadly, we live in a day where people are so ignorant of history that they want to blame slavery, and the abuse of black people on Republicans and Conservative Christians. They then want to translate and use this misrepresentation of history against Christians and Conservatives.

Yet it was Republicans and Conservative Evangelical Christians who fought to end slavery and fought for Civil Rights. And they did so on Biblical grounds. Others joined in, but this movement was started based on a belief in the Bible.

Locker Rooms in a Nutshell

We choose to segregate based on biological sex because this is what is most comfortable for most people, given the cost. My concern is not whether the other men “identify” as a potted-plant gender, or whether they see themselves as females on the inside, or even whether they are men of the highest virtuous, manly character (so long as they behave). My concern is not with the inner feelings of one’s gender — which apparently have nothing to do with their physical sex anyway. My concern is with their actual, objective, biological sex, and whether or not I am in a morally compromising or dangerous scenario with someone of the opposite sex.

The historical norm was that people could be comfortable changing around those of their own biological sex, without fear, but sadly those days may be gone, and possibly gone for good.

Children and Teens — How to Truly Love Them

If we truly care for children and teens, we will not castrate them based on the feelings they have at such a young age. Most teens grow out of these feelings by the time they are biological adults.

Kids like to dress up and play pretend. This is nothing new.

In my case, I never was transgender. I played dress up, and some of my imaginary friends were female — but in retrospect, when offered a Peter Pan costume, that was even more exciting — I got to pretend I could fly! I also played with Barbie-style dolls. These had moving parts that were great for karate, including Disney characters. And I loved the Little Mermaid dolls with the fabric fish tails (those were the bomb!). I also had G.I. Joes and my eventual favorites from age 7: DINOSAURS!

Even though some of the toys were “for girls” — the Barbie-style dolls were used for very boy-oriented games. Long, bendable limbs meant they could fight bad guys.

My G.I. Joe action figure was even married to my Deanna Troy (Star Trek TNG) action figure! And since her uniform was blood-red, I decided that the toy-version was a vampire.

Which reminds me of my vampire-homage to The Hunger Games

As I grew up, the idea that I wanted to be a girl was not pushed on me or reinforced. (Though I do remember my dad getting upset about the costume-play.) Ultimately, by the time I was like 5, it was the farthest thing from my mind.

Interestingly, had I been offered superhero or G.I. Joe costumes, I would have dropped the other costumes, and preferred to be a superhero who could fly and had powers. I strongly suspect that most little boys, if given the free choice, without pressure, would choose the same.

Kid knows what he wants to be when he grows up

Today, I am glad that my parents did not decide to have my testicles removed and my penis inverted, based on the ramblings of a toddler. Someday I want to have children of my own — with a woman.

Did my childhood take on imaginary friends and interest in the other gender end up hurting me or have an impact on me in any way? Besides adding to the development of my imagination, I would have to say no.

Have I dealt with other issues in my life? Of course. But I don’t think that my toddler-cross-dressing impacted me negatively in any way.

I recently heard of a case where a little boy said he wanted to be a girl. Upon sitting down with a counselor, it came out that his sister was getting a great deal more attention, due to her developmental disabilities. The little boy was feeling lonely for his parents, and thought they would love him more if he were a girl.

In this insane made-up “Liberal” world we live in, it is taboo to even ask why someone feels that way — even if it is a child. But if we are truly to love people, the best we can do for them is to help accept themselves for who they are, and who they were created to be. If they are a gender-confused boy teen, as men especially we can affirm their masculinity, and affirm that they have what it takes to become men. If they are drug-abusers, help them find people who can support them as they break free from addiction.

[See the video below on how the science we have all been taught about drug addiction turned out to be Wrong. It has application to helping people in other areas as well, and is more than an interesting side-note.]

If we see a good friend struggling with weight problems, perhaps offer to work out with them.

{keep scrolling}

The Bottom Line

If we truly care about people, we will try to give them Truth, so that they can have what is best for them. That doesn’t mean getting on every soap box that exists — lest we spend ourselves to death. We have to have wisdom and discernment about the situations.

But what we are seeing right now is the Left using “transgender” people as pawns and as a ploy to gain sympathy — with no regard whatsoever as to whether this denial of reality is actually good for an individual’s well-being.

In the book of Proverbs, we read the recordings of an ancient king who wanted his son to walk in the path of Wisdom. He advised his son to seek the path of Wisdom in his own life, so that he could have a life of good things, rather than a life of destruction.

Tonight I read chapter 4. His warning about the path of destruction was as follows:

“The way of the wicked is like darkness;
They do not know what makes them stumble.”

If we love people, and care for them, we will be Truthful with them, especially here.

As Jacob Brunton so eloquently said “Truth is NEVER the enemy of love. If ever objectivity is seen as a threat to compassion, you may be sure the motive is NOT compassion.”

So many people, including Christians, see the evil that is going on in the world, abortion, sexual confusion, and even the abuse of children, and they say nothing, because they do not want to face the disapproval of others. But castrating children, who have no clue what they are talking about, is not “compassion” and turning a blind eye to the evils in this world to avoid social disapproval is not “compassion.”

If you care about people, then share this article. If you see that people are going to destruction, say something. But if you are so “compassionate” that you will not speak up even when children are having their genitals cut off, and being turned into a bizarre, perverted experiment, then you are a deeply, deeply evil person — please don’t ever say anything again.

If you call yourself a Christian, then choose this day whom you will serve, be it the gods of Atheism, Secular Humanism, and Political Correctness who are being worshiped all around you, or serve YHWH — the only God who was compassionate enough to come into this world, and take our place for our sin.

G.S. Muse, also known as GreenSlugg on YouTube or simply as “Greg” is a lab technician, youtuber, author, and blogger. His work can be found at