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A Tax Rate of 10% — Taxation Reform and Fairness Act

or Samuel’s Act

by G.S. Muse and ChatGPT

In the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel, the prophet Samuel warned of tyranical kings with a tax rate of ten percent. These warnings were given right alongside warnings of slavery.

I asked ChatGPT to write a bill that would limit the tax rate within all U.S. jurisdictions to no more than ten percent, and to make all private organizations tax exempt, including businesses and churches. Given that businesses are the entities that create wealth and jobs, it is foolish to prevent them from flourishing. Taxing businesses is like poisoning an orchard. Churches are constantly threatened with the removal of their tax-exempt status if they teach what God’s Word says about morality and politics. This bill would add an additional layer of legal protection to churches.

What follows is the bill generated by ChatGPT.

Library of Congress, image credit: Pixabay

Section 1: Limitation on Individual Taxation

(a) The total annual tax liability for any individual, inclusive of Federal, State, and local taxes within the United States, shall not exceed 10% of their total annual income.

(b) In cases where an individual's tax liability exceeds the 10% limit, adjustments shall be made to ensure compliance with this provision.

(c) In the event of a failure to agree on tax rates among jurisdictions, default tax rates shall be as follows:

4% for local governments
3% for state governments
3% for Federal governments
Section 2: Tax Exemption for Private Organizations

(a) All private organizations, including businesses, churches, and nonprofits, are hereby granted tax-exempt status.

(b) This exemption applies to all forms of taxation at the Federal, State, and local levels.

(c) Private organizations are encouraged to contribute positively to the community and the overall welfare of society.

Section 3: Implementation and Enforcement

(a) The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and relevant state and local tax authorities shall collaborate to ensure the effective implementation of this Act.

(b) Violations of this Act shall result in appropriate penalties and legal actions.

Section 4: Definitions

(a) "Total annual income" refers to all sources of income received by an individual within a calendar year, as defined by existing tax laws.

(b) "Private organizations" encompass businesses, churches, nonprofits, and similar entities operating for non-governmental purposes.



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